Disruptor “A Hero’s Story”

Disruptor Title Screen

Disruptor Title Screen

After a while of going on and off on this project.

I have finally finished it and it is ready to be released and a find a home.

Here I feature the new tittle screen as you can see the image above, it is different from the one that can be seen in the Game Documentary Video, as you can see I used the retro technique of the Pixel Art for this creation.

Like most of my games I made all of the art for this game. Pixel by Pixel.

I have done a major upgraded to the graphics on this version, polished the menus and game play since the last review I did for this game, if you saw the video of this game in my Game Documentaries you will notice the differences.

Disruptor is one of my favorite projects. because it involves fighting various enemies and exploring a very exciting world.

It has a Experience System, upgrades that can be found hidden in the world, also vendor system that allows you to use your money to buy new goodies that help you in your adventure.

I will have a game feature a game-play of some of these soon on a new episode in my Documentary Series Videos. Stay tuned!