March 12, 2013


Daniel Munoz: Founder 

iOS, Windows, Linux. Indie Game programmer since 2008, under the brand “Endo Earth Studios” has been bringing fun interactive and exciting games to millions around the world.

He has created original IP for many different game genres. Platformer , Action Adventures, Auto Runners, Match 3, Puzzle, Tower Defense, Bullet Hells, Educational and Marketing material.

A few of the games titles have been “Disruptor: a Heroes Story” , “Gem Jam” a very addictive Match 3 game, “World of Dragons”, and many more popular games around global arcades.

Constantly  imagining new worlds and stories that are ready to be shared.

focusing on the bright side of life and noting the fun twists in the world. A fan of questions, and a firm believer that it is better to be ignorant for a minute than for a lifetime. :P

you can contact him at: endoearthstudios (at) gmail (dot) com