Dark Themed Syntax Colors for my Flash Develop

Dark Theme Syntax Colors

Today’s post will be about something that recently came to my mind.
I use Flash Develop for most of my development when it comes to AS3, Haxe, and pretty much anything I can get away with it to work on.
even if it’s just for the syntax coloring.

I recently was messing around with my syntax colors, some how pressed the wrong button and lost my custom color theme. ooooo no!

after a few minutes of looking around my computer for it, i realized that i hadn’t saved it, so I ended making it again from scratch so now.
here is my current syntax colors theme in case anyone likes it and wants to grab it.

this Isn’t what i was using a few days ago but its pretty close. I will continue to modify it if I find something isn’t flowing the way I like. but for now.. this seems to be working pretty good.

I used  ( Bitstream Vera Sans Mono ) font for this one.
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