Game is coming back to the front line.

Game is coming back.

Game is coming back.

This is a project I started in 2012 but had to stop development due to some set backs.

I have decided to bring it back to the front of my development line.

As I was organizing some of my projects folders I came across this project and re-played the prototype I had done for this game. this made my remember all the great things I have planed for this game. I want to see it come alive. and share it with you all.

So I will continue to work on this as I get time, I will keep updating my progress here as I add all the things that it still needs, so it will be exciting to document my progress and share with you as I bring this game to life for all to experience.

today I worked on implementing the story message box:
implemented story  and info features.
character interaction and text box features.

now you can see the messages of character that need to tell you something.

Stay tuned for more updates!

(Endo Earth Studios)