New Update to code name: Sword

trigger and events update

trigger and events update

Today I managed to implement a new system to, code name: Sword.

as you may already know this is an old project I added to the front line of code battle.
which means a lot will be going on, on this side of the monitor.

this addition isn’t as much visual. but its a very important part of the games core.
so don’t mind the Screen Shot I used. this is only a small representation. keep reading to find out more.

I have written a new events and action system for the game which is much more robust than before.

I implemented a new chaining system. effects can be chained to each other.
this makes combining events like; story telling, cut scenes, visual effects, world effects, camera effects, camera events, special effects, world events, spawns, item turn in, item rewarding. you name it.

anything in the game can now be executed alone or in a chain. by a trigger or conditions. Using the new trigger and actions systems that work together to provide a massive amount of flexibility to this games development, the sky is the limit to the amount of things that are now made possible by these new systems.

so many combinations… I don’t know where to begin.

I’ve only scratched the surface to the things that you can combine with these new systems.
I am sure I will find new ways and ideas that I haven’t even thought of yet, When it comes down to start imagining things and bringing some of that sweet game play in combination with events and effects.

I’m sure it will help enrich the players experience.
and help ease some of the pains while designing levels, game driving events and sequences.
I am very excited about this new system.

Stay tuned more to come!

On another note:
I am going to start documenting some of my progress in Video form again, this way I can show you guys and gals some of the things that can only be appreciated via some video eye candy, stay tuned!