Unity Game Prototype Port Progress

Unity game prototype progress screen shot

This is my latest progress update for my Game Prototyping goal for Unity 2D.

this is one of three projects I want to prototype using Unity.
I am using assets from my personal projects of games I have previously made for other platforms.

This game was originally called Disruptor it is a very fun, action adventure gun platform shooter.

I decided to prototype a port of this game first using Unity since I have the most assets and it includes many features any game should have.

Action, challenging maps, unique worlds to explore, many enemies to fight. a hero’s story to discover.

Things of what works and is implemented in this build are:

Full player movement and animations. run, jump.
Loading of world data from level data files. (xml or json)
Mobile supported movement using custom virtual game pad.
Parallax backgrounds.

I am happy with the performance of the game so far I haven’t noticed any problems while testing it on windows and android.

next I am going to add player shooting and at least one type of enemy so the fun is just getting started.

stay tuned, till next time, thanx everyone!